Filming Permits Rome, Venice, Florence and Italy

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Authorization for movie and television filming in public locations

While for private areas negotiations are carried out directly with the owner of the property for public areas and buildings the city is the authority responsible for issuing permits for filming in streets and squares, at monuments, public museum and historical sites, public gardens and parks. Regulations and provisions differ from municipality to municipality, from administration to administration.

For each location it is necessary to request a permit from the individual public agency responsible for the area or subject matter. Permits for streets and squares can be requested in written form directly at the local film commissions or city halls.

The issuing of authorizations is subject to the payment of taxes, which are calculated for each location and which depend on the location itself, the type and size of production, the occupation (in square meters) of public area and the period of time requested. If a location is particularly important from an artistic and /or archeological point of view a security deposit might be required. The authorization has to be paid and picked up at the respective local agency.

We will be happy to assist you in requesting your filming permits, using our location experience to avoid hassles and excessive costs. Once authorized, we will pick it up for you and send it over to wherever you are.