Fixer Filming in Italy

fixer service for filming documentaries and tv shows in rome and italy

Fixer Filming in Italy

Wether it is called fixer, stringer, local producer or location manager, we just simply ensure that your whole shoot in Italy runs smoothly and that you get out the most.

Our fixers scout for feasible locations, arrange accommodations and transportation, identify additional local personnel, arrange permits, identify customs concerns, and iron out any other surprises in advance. We ensure that research, eyewitnesses, experts, extras, props and locations are in place and that the schedule is organized. And we secure all location, appearance and materials releases before production starts filming.

During filming the fixer works hand in hand with your producer or director to make sure that everyting is moving on smoothly, wether it is logistics, locations, experts, talents or lunches.

Our job does not end with bringing you to the airport helping with carnets. After filming we will send you a proper wrap folder with a clear budget reconciliation, invoice copies and all releases.

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