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Full Service Production in Italy

MOKA Productions provides the total package to facilitate productions for the international film, television and advertising industry. We have extensive experience facilitating international productions from across the globe and know how to provide the right support that directors, producers, agencies and clients need when shooting outside of their own country.

Whatever your project, we offer our clients great production value, awesome location possibilities and a diverse and experienced talent pool of cast and crew.

Our Services

MOKA Productions offers since 2006 high level production and location support for international productions choosing to film in Italy.

We have worked with clients from all corners of the globe. Productions served range from documentaries, reality shows, feature films to commercials. Our team is familiar with international production standards and procedures.

No job is too large or too small for us. We find solutions tailored to your specific production requirements and allocated budget, providing the following services:

  • Research
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Tax Credits and Financial Incentives
  • Location Scouting and Permits
  • Fixer Service
  • Local Multilingual Crew
  • Extras and Talent Casting
  • Equipment
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Catering
  • Visas and Carnets
  • Accounting
  • Legal Advice


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Piaza Navona, Rome

Italy is perhaps best described by its nickname "Bel Paese" (the Beautiful Country).

The country really does have it all: magnificent landscapes, the world's most beautiful cities and an incredible artistic heritage. Every region with it's local traditions, architecture and culture is generally acknowledged to be among the world’s richest.

We have an extensive experience in topic research and location scouting. Whatever you are looking for in Italy, we will find it.

Aerial Video and Photographs

Drone Picture of Colosseo, Rome

Our drone service offers you spectacular aerial photography of the iconic landmarks in Italy.

Nevertheless the more and more restrictive regulations, we provide you with all the necessary local permits and authorisation to shoot with your own drone or, in alternative, with our highly experienced partners.

We also provide stunning aerial drone stock footage from all over Italy.


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